Sat. May 25th, 2024
iPad and Laptop Scheme

Maryam Nawaz Sharif has made the decision to start a survey by proposing that free iPads and laptops be given to Punjabi students. To help them become tech-savvy in their education, iPads and laptops will be distributed to students at all Punjabi colleges and schools. Maryam Nawaz claims that these steps are required to digitize Punjab in order to teach and enlighten the next generation about the usage of technology.

iPad and Laptop Scheme

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Exploring the Survey for iPad and Laptop Scheme

To assess whether pupils are better at using iPads and laptops for learning than books. That’s why HEC is doing this kind of survey across all universities and schools. Should this survey prove to be effective, Maryam Nawaz will give iPads to worthy pupils. Instructions on budget allocation have been released after this was accepted by the Punjabi government.

iPad and Laptop Scheme

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Laptop and iPad Scheme Fully Explained

The government of Punjab has made the decision to bring back the iPad and computer program in order to provide free digital resources to the kids in the province.
allowing students to use digital tools in the classroom to enhance learning and raise the bar for instruction.
To successfully execute the plan, collaborate with HEC and PEEF.
Equal opportunities for all students are the goal of Punjab’s technology and higher education reform.

iPad and Laptop Scheme
Key PointsDetails
Program NamePunjab iPad and Laptop Scheme
PurposeGive Punjabi kids free iPads and laptops to improve their digital education and literacy.
SurveyHEC is surveying colleges and schools in Punjab to find out which students prefer reading materials (books vs. iPads/laptops).
ImplementationIf the survey is successful, iPads may be given to worthy children. The Punjab government has approved the money and it is currently being allocated.


Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has revived the idea to equip iPads and computers with digital technology in educational institutions across the province. Under this program, all educational institutions will teach their pupils using digital resources. to raise their academic standards and increase their technological proficiency. In this context, the Punjabi government is conducting surveys. Furthermore, kids in a few regions are already receiving free iPads and laptops from the Punjab government. to ascertain the level of expertise that students need in order to distribute these digital instruments. And in time, Punjab as a whole could make use of it.

iPad and Laptop Scheme

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