Sat. May 25th, 2024
Punjab Bike Scheme

The Punjab government recently introduced the Punjab Bike Scheme, which aims to give bikes to both male and female students on convenient payment plans. for which there is a current registration process. As per the most recent report from the Punjab Information and Technology Board, over one lakh students have successfully finished the registration process. This article’s goal is to let you know that there are just four days remaining to finish the registration procedure. It is recommended that students who have not yet finished their registration do so as soon as feasible. Additionally, you will learn all the information required for students who wish to finish their registration in this article, which contains all the information relevant to this plan.

Punjab Bike Scheme

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Who Qualifies for the Punjab Bike Scheme?

  • Under this program, students enrolled in regular degree programs at any Punjabi institution or college approved by HEC are eligible to get bikes. Keep in mind that these schools and universities may be non-governmental or government-run.
  • Students from Punjab alone are eligible to apply for petrol bikes; however, students from any other province may apply for electric bikes.
  • Students who wish to purchase a bike but do not possess a driver’s license are not eligible to enroll for this program.
  • These pupils, both male and female, who are older than eighteen, are qualified for this program.
Punjab Bike Scheme

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Your Complete Procedure for Accessing the Bike Scheme

I will go over the entire process here for those students who are still unaware of the application process. Let me inform the students who are interested in applying that the Punjabi government has set up a unique platform. Students who are interested can visit this portal, register, and submit an application. Permit me to clarify: accounts belonging to individuals without a driver’s license will not be registered. Thus, bear this in mind when you finish the registration procedure.

Let me advise the students that if they want comprehensive help completing the registration process, all the information they need is already available on our website. As a result, interested students can click the link below to view the entire registration process.

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Bike Scheme Benefits

  • An excellent chance to purchase your transportation with simple, interest-free payments.
  • a noticeable decrease in the cost of students’ travel.
  • notable decrease in pollutants caused by electric bicycles.
  • lowers the number of traffic accidents

Bike Scheme Installment Plans

  • The News International claimed that the down payment is Rs. 25,000.
  • Installments each month:
  • Monthly cost of Rs. 10,000 for E-Bikes
  • Monthly Petrol Bike: Rs. 5,000

Bike Scheme 2024: Last Chance to Apply

We would want to inform any students who are interested in knowing when the registration deadline is, that it is April 29th. There are just four days remaining as of right now to finish the registration. As a result, interested pupils ought to finish registering right away. Following April 29, students will no longer be able to apply when the registration period ends.

Punjab Bike Scheme

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