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The Pakistani government has begun accepting BISP registration in order to add more families to the Benazir Income Support Program. Families can now quickly finish their registration if they so want. In addition, families who were previously excluded from the program due to a variety of circumstances can now re-register by completing their registration. There is a comprehensive instruction for filling out the registration for these families within this post. After that, these families can quickly and easily finish the registration process.

The female head of the family will be enrolled in the Kafalat program and get quarterly financial support of 10500 if the registered family’s poverty score is less than 32. Keep in mind that meeting specific eligibility requirements is necessary to finish the BISP program registration process. Under this program, only families who satisfy these requirements are deemed eligible. Therefore, it is crucial that the family understands the requirements for eligibility in order to finish the registration.


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BISP Eligibility Criteria

Certain eligibility requirements must be met in order to finish the registration process, as I have already said in this article. Furthermore, it is crucial that the families that finish the registration are aware of this. Therefore, I am providing the specifics of the eligibility requirements outlined below for the entire advice of such families. Before completing their registration, families should carefully review the qualifying requirements listed below. If they satisfy the eligibility requirements listed, they can quickly finish their registration by following the steps outlined in this page.

  • The family’s monthly income must be less than 60,000 in order to finish the registration process.
  • A poverty score of less than 32 is required for the family completing the register.
  • To finish the registration process, the candidate needs to present a Pakistani identity card.
  • This program is not open to families who live outside of Pakistan and would like to finish the registration process.
  • No member of the registration person’s family should hold a position in the public sector.
  • Families filling out the registration form have to be non-international travelers.
  • Families that register must be in possession of a gas or electricity bill for their home.

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BISP Required Documents

The completion of the Benazir Income Support Program registration process necessitates the following documents:

  • Identity card
  • A family business
  • Evidence of household income
  • Documents for education
  • Educational materials for children
  • Bills for gas and electricity
  • a cellphone number that is registered

BISP Registration Process

Families here are looking for information on how to finish their registration. I will now go over the entire registration process for these families. It is quite easy to complete the registration process by following the above specified steps.

Any head of the family, male or female, must visit the closest BISP office with their identity card and all other required documentation in order to finish the registration process. Upon arriving at the office, proceed to the survey counter to obtain the token needed to finish it. Go to the survey registration area using the token number as a guide. The representative in attendance will fill out the NSER survey and gather all the information from the applicant. After that, BISP will thoroughly review the data that was gathered. If the applicant is found to be eligible during the verification process, SMS 8171 will be used to notify them of their status. The individual completing the registration may be qualified to get financial aid from the closest BISP payment facility.


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Now that the Pakistani government has opened up the Benazir Income Support Program registration procedure to new families, those families that are compelled to live below the poverty line can apply for financial aid by completing the registration process. The entire process for completing the registration for these families has been detailed in depth in this post. which these families can use to finish their registration. Families can acquire all the information they need by calling the BISP official helpline if they are having any trouble completing the registration. Additionally, you can leave a comment in the comment box if you would like information from us.


What are the eligibility criteria for BISP registration?

Family income must be below 60,000 PKR, with a poverty score less than 32, and possess a Pakistani identity card.

What documents are required for BISP registration?

Identity card, evidence of household income, educational documents, gas/electricity bills, and a registered cellphone number.

What is the registration process for BISP?

Visit the nearest BISP office with required documents, obtain a token, complete NSER survey, wait for verification, and receive status notification via SMS 8171.

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