Sat. May 25th, 2024
Negahban Card

The Punjab government has chosen to launch the Negahban card in response to the positive feedback received from the Negahban Ramadan package. According to the Punjab government, this card will provide financial support to 64 lakh deserving but underprivileged families in the province. High ranking officials in the Punjabi government assert that suggestions have been made to give twelve thousand rupees to deserving families three times a year. The social welfare department devised a plan in this regard, which was given to the Punjab government. In five years, the deserving will receive financial aid totaling 307 billion rupees, if you expound.

Overcoming Challenges in Obtaining Your Negahban Card

Let me tell you that the Punjab government is still working on the Nighaban card, thus the government has not yet established a mechanism if you would like to talk about how to obtain this card. As soon as the government unveils a clear strategy, you will be able to see all of the data on one page. It is hoped that every deserving and poor household will receive this card from the Punjab government within the next month or two. Anybody in need of financial assistance after this would be qualified to receive 12,000 rupees every four months.

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Negahban Card Requried Qualifications

  • Punjabi family in poverty who ought to do better.
  • households registered for Benazir Income Support.
  • families who are currently registered in the Nighaban Ration Program.
  • families who possess identity cards.
  • households with an index of poverty less than thirty.
  • families who are ineligible for financial assistance under any other government program.
  • families that do not have any criminal charges against them.
Name of the ProgramNegahban Card
Financial Aid12,000 rupees three times a year for qualifying households, for a total of 307 billion rupees in five years.
Eligibility CriteriaPunjabi poor families – Registrations for the Nighaban Ration Program and Benazir Income Support Identity cards in possession; poverty index less than thirty; ineligibility for additional government services No offenses
ImplementationProcedure in development; launch anticipated in the next two to three months
Negahban Card

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Last but not least, the Negahban Card program of the Punjabi government is a big step in helping the underprivileged and destitute financially. Through the commitment to provide financial assistance of 12,000 rupees three times a year, this initiative seeks to provide disadvantaged and eligible households with financial support of 307 billion rupees in five years. All of the information on this card that is contained in this article is available to you.

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