Sat. May 25th, 2024
Air Ambulance Service

In 2024, Maryam Nawaz, the chief minister of Punjab, intends to establish an air ambulance service to quickly transfer critically ill or injured patients in the province’s outlying territories. To offer emergency medical care, the government plans to acquire a fleet of specially designed fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft that are outfitted with cutting-edge life support systems, medical supplies, and a highly qualified paramedical team.

To guarantee prompt response times, the air ambulances would be positioned strategically at important hospitals and airports around Punjab. Coordinating dispatch, routing, and contact with floor ambulances and hospitals will be handled by a special management room.

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Maryam Nawaz’s Vision of Future Air Ambulance

With an emphasis on expanding access to care, modernizing approaches to healthcare problems, and upgrading facilities, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz is working to improve and expand healthcare in Punjab. The air ambulance service is a part of her vision and plan for future growth, which also includes establishing new scientific colleges, improving district hospitals, and providing telemedicine services in rural areas.

Nawaz has emphasized the value of public-private partnerships in the healthcare industry, working with private hospitals and healthcare professionals to improve the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare services in the state. A meeting has been set up to discuss the introduction of the air ambulance service.

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Key Features of Air Ambulance

Overview of Emergency Response and Medical Assistance:

  • Quicker emergency response: More quickly reached accident scenes and rural places.
  • Better time-sensitive care: Patients were sent to specialized facilities more quickly.
  • Onboard advanced medical care: Fully furnished with cutting-edge life support equipment and highly qualified staff.
  • Improved access to healthcare: Closed the gap for people living in distant areas.
  • Support for disaster response: in areas affected by disasters, evacuated injured people and offered medical care.

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    The Air Ambulance Service: What Is It?

    This is a new emergency service that swiftly transports seriously injured or ill people in Punjab, particularly in distant locations, using helicopters and airplanes.

    When is it going to launch?

    In 2024, the official launch is scheduled.

    What types of crises can it manage?

    The service is intended for use in emergency scenarios where time is of the essence, such as serious accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and other critical circumstances.


    Incorporating cutting-edge technology and strategic positioning, Maryam Nawaz’s initiative to establish an air ambulance service in Punjab aims to revolutionize emergency medical care by ensuring rapid response times and delivering advanced onboard medical assistance to critically ill or injured patients across the province’s remote regions.

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