Sat. May 25th, 2024
Punjab Bike Scheme

The Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif launched the Punjab Bikes Scheme, and registration is currently open. This article’s objective is to alert students who haven’t finished their registration that they have just two days left to do so. We would like to inform you that the deadline for completing the bike scheme registration is April 29. For this reason, students who have not yet finished registering should do so as soon as possible at the bottle that the Punjabi government has up.

This post provides you with the most recent registration method details as well as the newest update. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for information on how to finish the registration process. This is the full process for you. This article also contains the answers to some of the most significant queries you may have about the plan. To receive all the information, you must read the entire article.

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Punjab Government’s Bike Scheme Policies

19,000 Petrol Bikes

  •  11,676 For Male Students
  •  7,324 For Female Students

1,000 Electric Bikes

  •  700 For Male Students
  •  300 For Female Students

Punjab Bike Scheme Registration Procedure

Students that wish to finish registering but are unaware of the full process. Let me tell you that the Punjab government has set up a dedicated portal specifically for the assistance of these pupils. Students can use this site by searching for e-bikes on Google and completing the registration process. Students that are interested can apply by visiting the portal and making an account.

Recall that there is just one more step needed to finish the registration process. Applications for the Punjab Bikes Scheme are not being accepted offline by the government or the private sector. As a result, any student who wishes to finish registering should do so online as soon as feasible. Just to refresh your memory, the Punjabi government launched this program to supply 20,000 bikes.

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Punjab Bike Scheme Eligibility Criteria Latest Update

The requirements for eligibility to finish the registration are listed below.

  • To finish registering for the Bikes Scheme, a student must be older than eighteen.
  • Students need a driver’s license in order to finish the bike scheme registration process.
  • In the event that a student lacks a driver’s license, they may still apply using their learner’s permit.
  • The candidate must be enrolled full-time in a college or university that HEC has approved.

Understanding the Rules on Students Applying for Two Bikes

Many students ask themselves whether they can apply for two bikes while completing the registration process before finishing it. Let me clarify: no, only one bike application may be made for the benefit of such pupils and students. Yes, but when you fill out the application, you may choose whether you want an electric or gas-powered bike.


students who have not yet completed registration for the Punjab Bikes Scheme should do so promptly as the deadline is April 29, ensuring they don’t miss out on this opportunity for transportation assistance.

Can students still register for the Punjab Bikes Scheme after the deadline?

No, the deadline for registration is April 29, and no applications will be accepted after that date.

What is the purpose of the Punjab Bikes Scheme?

The scheme aims to provide transportation assistance to college and university students in Punjab.

Is it possible for students to apply for more than one bike?

No, students are only allowed to apply for one bike, either electric or gas-powered, during the registration process.

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